What We Do

 Our Mission

Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC), through its public-private partnership, aims to advance regulatory science in the medical device industry. MDIC will coordinate the development of methods, tools, and resources used in managing the total product life cycle of a medical device to improve patient access to cutting-edge medical technology.


Our Strategies

MDIC has been designed to pursue several strategies to support its mission:

  1. Create a forum for collaboration and dialogue, working within a flexible governance structure to encourage broad participation from medical device industry stakeholders, including nonprofits, industry, and government.
  2. Make strategic investments in regulatory science, utilizing working groups to identify and prioritize key issues and to request, evaluate, and implement project proposals that support MDIC’s mission.
  3. Provide tools to drive cost-effective innovation, emphasizing education and the development of new methods and approaches with well-documented data and details to enable implementation.

Our Value Proposition

The activities and output from MDIC will:

  • Ensure that innovative technology is readily available to U.S. patients
  • Provide industry and government with methods and tools that may be used to expedite medical device development and the regulatory process
  • Reduce the risk and expense of clinical research
  • Reduce the time and cost of medical device development

Our Charter

MDIC Charter

Conflict of Interest Policy

MDIC Conflict of Interest Policy