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MDIC is dependent on broad-scale involvement by medical device stakeholders — groups interested in medical devices — including but not limited to industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations, professional societies and advocacy organizations who are interested in helping patients receive safer, more advanced therapies at a lower cost and in less time.  Projects will be defined in the pre-competitive space that will address issues that are keeping products from achieving the desired outcomes to benefit patients. The leadership and involvement of individuals and organizations from the public, private, and academic sectors are needed to make the benefits of this effort a reality.

Please join MDIC and begin to share your time and talent to make the medical technology environment better for patients, the health care delivery community, regulatory bodies, private-sector companies, and all the people who dedicate their lives to this industry.

Benefits include:

  • A process for identifying, documenting, prioritizing and removing issues affecting benefits to patients.
  • Processes, support staff, and pooled project funding to enable efficient regulatory science research in areas of strategic importance to medical device stakeholders.
  • Educational forums in which to learn about the evolving regulatory science process, new tools, standards, and test methods.
  • Searchable databases and links to relevant reports and methods.
  • Regular updates on the status of MDIC’s activities and opportunities for involvement.

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