Past Eblasts

6-April-18 Opportunities to engage with MDIC and NESTcc
15-March-18 MDIC Announces new President & CEO: Pamela Goldberg, MBA 
7-March-18 Exciting opportunities to engage with MDIC and NESTcc
7-February-18 Registration for Patient-Centered Clinical Trials Workshop, NESTcc announcement, and upcoming webinars
19-January-18 MDIC is pleased to announce two new webinar series on Patient Preference and the Case for Quality 
20-December-17 NESTcc Webinar to discuss ‘Call for Concepts’
5-December-17 NESTcc Announces Three New Opportunities for Engagement 
28-November-17 MDIC Updates and upcoming events in medical device regulatory science
22-November-17 Upcoming MDICx Webinars and NESTcc update 
9-November-17 Highlights and videos from the 2017 MDIC Annual Public Forum 
2-November-17 Upcoming MDIC opportunities in patient input, diagnostics and case for quality 
26-October-17 MDICx Webinar on Patient-Centered Clinical Trials, Plus Survey on Finger-stick Blood Samples, and Other Updates
19-October-17 Final Case for Quality Forum for 2017 and POC Fingerstick Survey Now Open
12-October-17 Announcing the Surrogate Sample Framework, NESTcc projects and the final Case for Quality Forum for 2017
25-September-17 Attending The MedTech Conference this week? Hear MDIC update
8-September-17 9/8/2017 IBM Watson Health’s Dr. Shahram Ebadollahi to Deliver Afternoon Keynote at 2017 MDIC Annual Public Forum
24-August-17 MDIC Annual Public Forum: Concurrent Afternoon Sessions New for 2017
18-August-17 2017 MDIC Annual Public Forum Keynote and Agenda
1-August-17 FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to Deliver Keynote at MDIC 2017 Annual Public Forum
18-July-17 NESTcc Selects Inaugural Governing Committee and Calls for Demonstration Projects
6-July-17 FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Headlines the 2017 MDIC Annual Public Forum
22-June-17 Join MDIC and CDRH at the Next MDIC Case for Quality Forum July 20
22-May-17 Upcoming MDIC Events and New Resources
10-May-17 MDIC-Medical Alley Hold Joint Diagnostics Meeting
2-May-17 MDIC May 2017 Newsletter
12-Apr-17 MDIC announces NESTcc Executive Director: Rachael L. Fleurence, PhD
4-Apr-17 MDIC Sessions at DMD 2017, updates on the Virtual Patient project, and upcoming MDICx webinars
28-Mar-17 CDRH Director Shuren to Give Keynote Address on NEST at DMD 2017
21-Mar-17 March 23 MDICx Webinar on Surrogate Sample Use 
16-Mar-17 MDIC presents 3 regulatory science webinars in Clinical Diagnostics and Quality
9-Mar-17 MDICx: Clinical Dx Surrogate Sample Use Survey Results
31-Jan-17 NEST Nomination and Application Deadline Closing Monday, February 6 
26-Jan-17 MDIC announces the addition of Dr. Jing Xie as MDIC’s first Vice President of Clinical Affairs
13-Jan-17 DEADLINE EXTENDED: Nominations Open for NESTcc Governing Committee
15-Dec-16 Now Open: Seeking nominations for NEST Governing Committee
9-Dec-16 MDIC updates and upcoming events in medical device regulatory science
31-Oct-16 MDIC updates and upcoming events in medical device regulatory science
14-Oct-16 MDIC Fall 2016 Newsletter: Successes & Vision for the Future
11-Oct-16 MDIC at AdvaMed: Advancing the Art & Science of Patient Preference Assessment
5-Oct-16 MDIC at AdvaMed: Data Aggregation Tools for More Efficient & Effective Clinical Trials
29-Sep-16 MDIC at AdvaMed: Patient Engagement & Clinical Trial Design Innovation Panels
14-Sep-16 MDIC Awarded $3 million for National Evaluation System for health Technology Coordinating Center
7-Sep-16 MDIC Annual Public Forum: Smarter Approaches to Meeting Demands for Evidence and Patient Access
24-Aug-16 MDIC Annual Public Forum: How, When, & Why Patient Engagement Matters
11-Aug-16 MDIC Annual Public Forum: Califf, Shuren Report on State of Medical Device Regulatory Science
27-Jul-16 MDICx August 10 on Quality by Design
14-Jul-16 Califf and Shuren highlight importance of the National Evaluation System for Health Technology in JAMA
6-Jul-16 Clinical Dx Contrived / Surrogate Sample Use Survey Open
1-Jul-16 MDICx Series & Upcoming Events
15-Jun-16 FDA Commissioner Califf Keynote for MDIC Annual Public Forum
24-May-16 Can medical device data research really be this simple?
18-May-16 MDIC seeking stakeholder input on Early Feasibility and Case for Quality projects
4-May-16 Save the Date: Sept 21 – MDIC Annual Public Forum
19-Apr-16 Engage with Case for Quality at Upcoming Open Forums
4-Apr-16 MDIC at DMD April 13: Insights & Advice for U.S. Early Feasibility Studies
29-Mar-16 Join MDIC on April 13 at DMD 2016: Virtual Patient Mock FDA Submission Preview
24-Mar-16 MDIC March 2016 Newsletter
16-Mar-16 MDIC Sessions at DMD 2016: U.S. Early Feasibility & Virtual Patients
29-Feb-16 MDIC Announces 2016 Board of Directors
19-Feb-16 Still time to register for MDICx: The emerging case for medical device interoperability
16-Feb-16 Just one week until MDICx: The emerging case for medical device interoperability
8-Feb-16 Next MDICx: February 23: The emerging case for medical device interoperability
1-Feb-16 Next MDICx webinar March 15: Practical considerations for patient preference studies
12-Nov-15 MDIC Annual Public Forum Videos Now Available
16-Oct-15 Next MDICx – Nov 17: Advancing US Early Feasibility Studies
29-Sep-15 MDIC Patient Centered Benefit-Risk Assessment Panel at AdvaMed
2-Sep-15 MDIC Annual Public Forum Program Updates
25-Aug-15 MDIC October 8, Case For Quality Open Forum
20-Aug-15 MDIC Annual Public Forum, Friday, Sept 25